Design Better Superhero Costumes


Learn the 3 Elements to Better Superhero Design

What’s more iconic to this genre than the superhero costume? Superhero costume design an asset worth taking the time to understand, practice and get great at. Learn the 3 fundamental elements to better superhero costume design in this FREE email course.

A great costume can:

  • Give a character visual identity capable of being used for branding and marketing.
  • Give a character an audience.
  • Get an audience both excited and prepared for the launch of your character by telling them what they can expect through the design.

Costume design is a skill, but knowing the fundamentals and putting them to practice will lead you to designing better costumes for your superheroes in this FREE email course.

Design Better Superhero Costumes is in the last stage of production and will be opening soon. However, we will also be opening a very small Beta. Enter your email below to be notified on how to participate in the Beta and get notified of the launch.