001: Your Why Drives Everything

Thursday, November 19, 2015 | by Ed Williams and Brent Lyles

1 hour and 12 minutes


Building a comic universe and brand, then delivering it all in the form of a comic is no easy task. But the most important step in the right direction is to start with Why.


Key Takeaways

  • Your Why is the backbone to your project. Without it, when all of the cards are down, when the entire team quits, what is the internal fire that’s telling you to stay and finish the job?
  • Your Why has to be bigger than you. You can’t do this for the fame, for the glory or the money. This has to be an all encompassing, spiritual and faith-driven reason that’ll get you through the obstacles and hardships you’ve yet to face.
  • You don’t need to put your Why together in a day, but you need to start getting an understanding of it and do some self-exploration to find it.

Your hosts

Ed Williams

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Brent Lyles

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