Episode 009: Story Is King (Part 4 of 6): Dramatica

Thursday, January 14, 2016 | by Ed Williams

42 minutes


In this episode, Ed does his first solo show as he walks you through an introduction to Dramatica, going over a few of its defining features: the Story Mind; the Four Throughlines; and the 8 Character Archetypes that saved his characters from becoming convoluted and repetitive.


Key Takeaways

  • Dramatica is complex, but it isn’t impossible. Don’t let its difficulty run you off. It’s worth diving in and learning. If you can master it, you’ll be telling stories on a Pixar-level.
  • Write. Learn. Apply. Rewrite. That’s the order you need to approach Dramatica with. If not, you’ll get caught in the other cycle: Learn. Learn. Learn. Get stressed out. Get frustrated. Don’t write. No matter how sloppy your story is, get it done first, learn Dramatica, then go back to your story and apply what was learned.
  • Dramatica’s Story Mind basically approaches every story in the context of an argument. And within that grand argument, there are four perspectives this argument must be filtered through for your story to have no holes or inconsistencies. These throughlines are: 1) Overall Story Throughline, 2) Main Character Story Throughline, 3) Impact Character Story Throughline, and 4) Relationship Story Throughline.
  • The 8 Character Archetypes help refine and structure your characters to prevent overlap and redundancy.

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