Episode 019: The Case For Caution With World Building

Thursday, March 31, 2016 | by Ed Williams and Brent Lyles

1 hour and 11 minutes


In this episode, we give you four strong cases with an additional four ways on how to approach world building that lets you have that fun and progress your comic at the same time.


Key Takeaways

  • Let the world you’re building serve the story, not the story serving the world.
  • The story is going to control your comic universe and how much world building needs to be developed.
  • The only difference between you and someone else that made a comic, is that they made a comic.
  • Spiraling out of control with world building keeps you from making a comic and being in the number that doesn’t produce comics.
  • The story isn’t finished until it’s drawn, inked, colored, and fully lettered.
  • World building doesn’t move your product forward. The story does. No one is going to buy your world bible because nobody cares. Your story gives them a reason to care.
  • Let your story set the limit to how much world building you need to do.
  • You have to work hard, then play hard. The work is your story, the play is world building. Keep those balanced.

Your hosts

Ed Williams

Brent Lyles