Episode 022: Here’s How to Tell Character-Driven Stories Forever (Part 2 of 3)

Thursday, April 21, 2016 | by Ed Williams and Brent Lyles

47 minutes


We’re sharing what you need in order to create believable character motivations, flaws that challenge your character, and how to approach the origin story.


Key Takeaways

  • The key to creating storytelling powerhouses is giving those characters soul.
  • Storytelling powerhouses are your Spider-Mans, Wonder-Womans, and Supermans. That very high-end level of character who’s stories have been around for generations.
  • Your characters have to embody the human condition and element, and be reflections of humanity.
  • When it comes to superheroes, we need a balance of the ordinary and the extraordinary.
  • You need those ordinary moments and a backdrop or a world for your character to function in outside of the superhero persona.
  • Character motivations give our characters something to do. If there’s nothing motivating them, how else is the story moving forward?
  • Your character in action is what makes plot, and motivation creates action and individualizes the character.
  • You have flaws and things you just aren’t quite good at with your character and the same reality needs applied to your character. Your fictional character.
  • Origin stories have the potential to be magical. They show us the exact moment when this ordinary person became extraordinary, but there are three different kinds of origins superheroes undergo

Your hosts

Ed Williams

Brent Lyles