Episode 034: 5 Steps Every Indie Comic Creator Needs to Win

Thursday, July 28, 2016 | by Ed Williams and Brent Lyles

1 hour


Whether you’re an indie creator wanting to build a company or studio, or someone who wants to work at one of the mainstream entities, you need to know what’s coming during your next five years and how to get through them.


Key Takeaways

  • We’ve officially launched our subscription-based access to the backlog of our podcast archives.
    In order to gain access to all episodes, you now must have a subscription.
  • What we’re creating and building requires money. Lots of it. This is why we’re repositioning our business model and focusing on getting cash flow to produce everything we want.
  • We aren’t using crowdfunding to fund Arclight. We want to try something different here and fund ourselves based on products and/or services we offer. Treat our store like a Kickstarter. Support us by purchasing.
  • Step One: Establish is all about laying the groundwork and building infrastructure. You have to build your house on solid ground, not sand.
  • Step Two: Protect is all about believing in your dream enough to not be discouraged or swayed by the opinions of others. Stand by what you believe in.
  • Step Three: Build is all about putting in the work. Just don’t talk about it, be about it.
  • Step Four: Execute is all about delivering. You have to execute. You just can’t keep building and get stuck in that routine. Eventually, people will start walking away if they don’t see proof of concept.
  • Step Five: Expand & Grow is all about your vision and dream expanding into what you planned in Step One.

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Ed Williams

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Brent Lyles

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