Episode 041: 8 Marketing Mistakes You’re Making On Social Media

Thursday, August 25, 2016 | by Ed Williams and Brent Lyles

59 minutes


The biggest lesson you need to learn is that you have to give and share value to others. We’re talking about the Rule of Reciprocity again. Give before asking,


Key Takeaways

  • Mistake #1: You only keep talking about YOU. We are inherently selfish and like the be the hero of our own story. You can’t be the hero of your audience’s story. Put them in the spotlight.
  • Mistake #2: You don’t engage with others. It’s still all about you. You only want people to click and share your things but never return the gesture.
  • Mistake #3: You aren’t visual. You just keep posting walls of text.
  • Mistake #4: You’re not curating. You just keep posting all of the things and not making yourself part of the conversation by doing so.
  • Mistake #5: You’re trying to be on every social network. Go where your audience is. You aren’t required to be on everything.
  • Mistake #6: You have no strategy.
  • Mistake #7: You aren’t giving and sharing anything of value.
  • Mistake #8: This is the big one: *You may not be ready to be on social media.

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Ed Williams

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Brent Lyles

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